Crimestoppers conference to combat cyber criminals

????????Next week, 14 October, is the launch of the inaugural Cyber Crime Conference, which is a collaborative effort among the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), Crimestoppers and the National Crime Agency (NCA).

‘Cyber crime poses an ever increasing threat to the UK economy,’ Kevin Shapland, managing director of CJS Events, who are organising the event on behalf of Crimestoppers. ‘Criminals are realising that with cyber crime, the risk of getting caught is slim.’

Internally, enforcement agencies have been raising awareness of cyber crime for years. Now, many units have a cyber crime officer who focuses on these crimes.

‘Soon every police force will have an ACPO officer who is responsible for cyber crime in their unit,’ Shapland said.

‘While the Cyber Crime Conference is being led by enforcement agencies, business and industry also have a key role to play in combating cyber crime particularly when it comes to prevention and intelligence gathering’, Shapland said. ‘Of course, trading standards is also an important partner in combating cyber crime.’

‘Trading standards is seen as very much a part of it because it many instances they’re a first point of call for cyber crime reporting,’ Shapland said. ‘Trading standards officers often pick on trends and work together in other areas of cyber crime that need to be developed across the board.’

Conference delegates will hear from Mike Andrews, National e-Crime co-ordinator for the National Trading Standards Board.

To sign up for the Conference visit

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