How CCAS helps consumers with Autism

Read this incredible story about how one British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) member uses ‘Safespaces’ to minimize the amount of stress and anxiety an individual with Autism may suffer while moving house.This is just one more way the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS) assists consumers. 


Two children sit in a safe space during a family move.

Moving house is often considered a very stressful event, but for many people with Autism routine and consistency is vital to their well being. This can mean that stress and anxiety around this event can be much more intense.

Safespaces are often requested to help smooth the process of moving house by looking at the initial design of the safe room, and plans for the new location to check that the orientation and size is suitable for the move preventing any unexpected hitches.

If everything checks out Safespaces try to keep the intended move date free to assist with the move to ensure the family can all move together. As many people know this is not always straightforward and we attempt to build in some flexibility to our scheduling around this time to take account of changes to the timescale as far as possible.

Below are two stories about families who Safespaces have helped move house.

Charlotte from Stockport had her son Thomas’s Safespace moved by us and say’s that it would have been very difficult to manage without it even for a few days. Charlotte said ”Before we had the Safespace, my son would only sleep for 2-3 hours a night and was at high risk of injury as he was literally swinging off the light fittings! We were trying to get a four bedroom house moved during the hours when he was at school so the operation required some very careful planning.

The Safespaces team turned up promptly as arranged, having done all the necessary checking of plans and confirming sizes and proceeded to work around the chaos and the 6 removals men to re-install the Safespace in a speedy and efficient manner.

Since the Safespace was installed in it’s original venue, Thomas had been sleeping at least 10 hours a night, and despite the disruption of moving house he was able to get straight back into his routine in his familiar Safespace environment.”

Mike Machin from Hull has moved house a few times since first getting a Safespace for his son Joseph 12 years ago.  Joseph now 14 years old has been able to stay in his Safespace which has given him the comfort of staying in a familiar environment throughout the moves. Jill Morony Managing Director of Safespaces was involved in the initial move many years ago which was just before Christmas. “One of our staff had called in sick on the day we were scheduled to do the move and no one else was available.  I didn’t want to let the family down so I missed the pantomime I was taking my own children and set off for Hull with the other Safespace fitter. While initially I was less than enthusiastic about the job, it was in fact a very useful experience for me. I saw that Mike and his son were still in the old house waiting for us with just the Safespace and a TV set remaining. Mike had felt that his son would not be safe without the Safespace and was prepared if necessary to stay behind with Joseph until the Safespace had been moved. I realised then how totally essential it is that we do provide a reliable and efficient service, and that for me it was missing a pantomime, but for Mike and Joseph had we not done the move, it would have meant Christmas without the rest of the family. Since then, we have always tried to keep some flexibility in our scheduling when moves are booked in as we are aware of what an impact it can have if we were not able to adapt to last minute changes of plan.” Jill Morony (Managing Director of Safespaces)

Safespaces custom designed rooms are built to match the layout of a room for anyone who is at risk of harm from hard surfaces. They are particularly useful when a house move is a possibility in the future, or when moving classrooms in schools.

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