Finding a garage doesn’t have to be a challenge

Automechaniker im Beratungsgespräch mit KundenFinding a garage for those distress purchases such as an MOT or repair often fills consumers with dread.  It’s also particularly stressful for those of us who have recently moved home and have to find a new garage after years of service from a trusted local motor services centre.

That’s where Motor Codes, a Trading Standards Institute Consumer Code Approval Scheme (CCAS) approved code of practice is making a real difference to consumers across the UK. Motor Codes is the only motor industry operator to be awarded TSI approval which sets out clear customer service guidelines in the new car, car service and repair and warranty sectors.

CCAS aims to reduce consumer detriment by developing a stringent series of guidelines businesses voluntarily adhere to. Businesses are only approved if they clearly demonstrate that they are following code guidelines.

If you are a motorist in need then Motor Codes can help you find trusted and highly rated services in your local area.

The garage finder at is proving to be invaluable to consumers.  All garages subscribing to the Trading Standards Institute-approved Motor Codes service and repair code of practice, commit themselves to providing honest and fair services, offering open and transparent pricing, completing work as agreed, invoicing as per quoted staff and working with competent and conscientious staff.

The online service is really useful because you can read the garage’s online reviews as well as the AA inspection report. This allows you to compare the best franchised and independent garages in your local area. It also gives you peace of mind, knowing that if you’re not satisfied with the service you receive you will be able to call Motor Codes’ dedicated independent advice line for support.

Catherine from Glamorgan used a Motor Codes garage and was delighted with their professionalism.  ‘I needed to find somewhere really quickly for my MOT, and I had recently moved house. So I did a quick Google of garages near me, and got very, very lucky by finding Bayside, a Motor Codes garage. The lady who dealt with me over the phone and at reception was brilliant, really friendly and approachable and she explained everything to me.’

motor_codes_rgb_strapMotor Codes is enabling garage and motor businesses to build up a great reputation and is succeeding in making purchases more transparent, in turn, ensuring that people have more confidence in their purchase.

That was certainly Catherine’s experience: ‘The thing that really impressed me was that they advised me how to save money on the service and MOT! Out of two options I had to go with, I was advised to go for the cheaper option and everything was explained really clearly.’

Kevin Parker head of communications at Motor Codes acknowledges it’s this sort of service that is really driving up customer satisfaction.

Parker said: ‘The consumer is recognising that if they take their car to a Motor Codes garage then they have peace of mind. In simple terms if you’re not happy with the service or are concerned about your consumer rights then Motor Codes takes on your concerns and speaks to the garage directly on your behalf.

‘However, in the vast majority of cases the consumer is satisfied. In 2014 our satisfaction rate was 98% and this really demonstrates that Motor Codes is helping to enhance the relationship between the industry and individual consumers’.

There is no better recommendation that word of mouth and Catherine summed up the value of using a Motor Codes garage perfectly.

‘I am definitely coming back to this garage again, and recommending them to anyone who asks! I sometimes find it quite intimidating going to garages, worried that I look stupid and they’ll take advantage of my lack of car knowledge, but this place was the absolute opposite. They really took the time to explain everything, in words I understood, and made me feel really welcome’.

For more information about Motor Codes visit or call 0800 692 0825.

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