TSI CEO joins Twitter

You’ve got to love young people. A few months ago, member of Youth Parliament Toby Jeffery, challenged TSI CEO Leon Livermore to join the 21st Century – ie. Twitter.

USETHISLivermore knew Jeffery from the Save 10 campaign, an effort to educate people about underage sales that was launched at Westminster in February. Livermore entertained Jefferey and his well-heeled arguments as to why Livermore needed Twitter. Real time conversations, communication from a person rather than a body, personality, etc.

Not long after, Livermore appeared in the TSI communications pod asking to set up an account. A CEO’s request to set up social media accounts in which they can say what they want in real time unchecked (yikes!) is the proverbial nails-on-chalkboard for many comms execs. However, we trust Livermore’s passion for trading standards, rugby and other pursuits will come through the 140 character medium.

If you’d like to follow Livermore on Twitter and we suggest you do, he can be chatted @LeonLivermore. Did we mention all opinions are his own?



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