Scams Awareness Month set for July

We cannot impress enough how much scams negatively impact the financial and emotional well being of UK citizens. There’s a misnomer among the public that scams only happen to the elderly. This is far from the truth. Scams impact everyone. Teenagers, parents, the elderly – everyone.

Every year through Scams Awareness Month (SAM), TSI, Citizens Advice, local trading standards offices and Citizens Advice Bureaus work together to stop scams. Due to the May election, this year’s SAM will take place throughout July. Each week we’ll focus on a different scam medium including online, mail, telephone and doorstep scams.

Not only do we hope to educate the public about these scams, we hope to increase the reporting rates. Currently, scam reporting levels are as low as five per cent.

For more information on SAM, please click here.

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