Campaign educates consumers about counterfeit beauty products

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) and  other City of London Police units are supporting a campaign this week that aims to stop consumers from buying harmful counterfeit beauty products.

Today, Monday 18 May, the campaign launches with education advice about counterfeit beauty products, which can cause breakouts, allergic reactions, chemical burns and other horrid side effects.

As the week moves on, the PIPCU will discuss harmful side effects related to these products that are not always considered by consumers. For example, counterfeit electrical beauty products are known to cause shock and fire. Counterfeit perfumes often contain poisonous levels of cyanide. In some instances, they may even include urine.

Now that – fingers crossed – we’re moving into summer, suncream is another beauty product and potential counterfeit that demands our attention. Although it may seem like a good deal at the time, counterfeit suncream may include very little to no SPF despite claims made on the package.

Before buying beauty products online, check to make sure the seller is registered with Brand-i.

Follow the campaign @ctsi_uk #wakeupdontfakeup

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