Conference sponsor celebrates 21 years with trading standards

This year, conference sponsor Status International celebrates 21 years attending CTSI conferences and working with our beloved trading standards officers.

Status International is perhaps the largest independent Light Bulb and Accessory supplier in the UK and, incidentally, was the first designated Primary Authority Partnership.

‘Our customers are supermarkets and wholesalers,’ said Peter McVeigh, managing director of Status International. ‘We work closely with CTSI and trading standards so our customers can see that we’re doing everything in our power to ensure all of the products coming from this company to their shelves are saleable and consumer friendly. We think that if our customers see what we’re doing to support trading standards, they’ll realise we are an ethical company and that we care.’

Status International started working with West Yorkshire trading standards 21 years ago, a relationship that has endured, with Status International at conference year after year.

‘Sponsoring conference is not our way of advertising, it’s a way of working closely with CTSI and trading standards officers who we ask for advice,’ McVeigh said. ‘It is our way of supporting an industry that we think does a really good job. Somebody has to protect consumers. We work closely with trading standards officers to make sure the quality of the product on the shelves is good and safe.’

Status International recently joined the Lighting Industry Association (LIA), which adheres to a strict auditing and vetting process on entering.

‘From myself down through the company, we insist that everything we do is the best quality possible,’  McVeigh said. ‘We are looking forward to this conference and the awards dinner.’

To find out more about the CTSI Conference 2015 click here.

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